What are Manolitos ?

You’ve bought the perfect pairs of heels shoes for a wedding or cocktail, and suddenly… Oh no! the heels are broken-down. The heels has sunk into the grass or mud, With how expensive and beuatiful they are!

Don’t worry for that! The manolitos are a flexible high-heeled shoe protectors with a base that prevents them from sinking into soft surfaces or that your shoes get trapped between irregular surfaces, into grass, gravel, grates, woodes decks etc…

You can enjoy that special moment without worrying about your shoes getting damaged!

Your party shoes will come back as a new, Forget about going back home with the shoes spoiled or muddies.

The manolitos lengthen life to your heels. Thanks to the flexibility of the material that are made, the protectors adapt easily to the differents types of heels, also avoids slips, muffles noise and prevents scratches on wooden floors.

The Originals Manolitos is the traditional model of the brand. thanks to its innovative square design they are very discreet, so it will unnoticed in your shoes, manufactured in PVC and thanks to its base with relief are resistant to any type of surfaces : grass, floor boards, gravel… You can use it many times as you want, Its available in 4 sizes XS, S, M and L.

The Classic Manolitos is the new model of the brand of round-shaped heel protectors that has incorporated the brand.manufactured in silicone allows adapt to any type of heels without scratching it and not leaving a trace. Also, thanks to its broader base, provides more stability when walking on soft or uneven surfaces like gross, floor boards, gravel or sands. Its available in 4 sizes XS, S, M and L.

Both the originals manolitos and classic manolitos perfectly fulfilled its function, we recommend that choose the one you like most.

Suggestions for Manolitos.

Give them away in your wedding. They will thank you !

Corporate gifts.

When you give a shoe , the Manolitos are the perfect complement.

The Manolitos corner at the event.

If you have wooden floors offer them to your guests .

Parties in hotel pools , discos , summer terraces , etc.



The manolitos are a heel protectors that will prevent the dirt and dampness enter to the heel of your shoes.

The original and classic model are manufactured on PVC and silicon, so its prevent slips and reduce the noise when you walking, are very discretes and easy to use it and ensure the footprint when you are walking because it has a support surface.

Being transparent you can adapt to any color of heels shoes, since its will go unnoticed and without affecting the aesthetic of your shoes.

The manolitos has a small size and you can go out with your heel protector to everywhere.